Local accommodation. New registrations are suspended

The suspension of authorization for new registrations of Local Accommodation was approved by the Municipal Assembly of Porto. The suspension of new registrations of Local Accommodation has immediate effects in the Union of Parishes of the Historic Center and in the parish of Bonfim. Currently, the Historic Center encompasses the parishes of Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, S. Nicolau […]

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Foreign guests with new maximum in Portugal

According to data presented by INE and BdP, July was, in terms of the number of guests and overnight stays in Portugal, the best month ever. Therefore, there was an increase of 85.4% in the number of guests and 90.1% in the number of overnight stays compared to the same month of 2021. These percentages correspond to 3,029.1 […]

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Uniform Jurisprudence Judgment may affect Local Accommodation

The Uniform Judgment may affect Alojamento Local and future investors due to the legal uncertainty it has caused. Urban space tourism is closely linked to the city and short-break products. The “hyperconcentration” of local accommodation The increase in tourists led to the diversification of the tourist market, with emphasis on the general increase in the supply of local accommodation in […]

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Easter could be a sign of recovery in Tourism

The recovery of post-pandemic tourism has been positive despite the sector having been affected by the war in Ukraine, which the president of the Confederation of Tourism of Portugal, Francisco Calheiros, called a perfect storm. Expectations for Easter are optimistic and it could constitute a resumption of tourism at a time when the numbers […]

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Growth in overnight stays from foreign tourists

Growth in the number of overnight stays by foreign tourists With a partial recovery of foreign tourists in Portugal compared to the pre-pandemic period, INE data show that the five outbound markets that provide the most overnight stays to national tourist accommodation are experiencing rapid growth. Tourism from countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France and […]