rural tourism in Portugal

Rural Tourism in Portugal plays an important role in the national economy, not only for its ability to “export inside” and boost economies, but also for the creation of jobs, promoting sustainability and generating income for other sectors of activity that benefit from Tourism. The rural tourism accommodation units, […]

AL containment zones: what are they and where are they?

With the objective of reducing tourist establishments in neighborhoods where their presence already has an excessive weight in relation to the total available residence, the City Councils of the main cities defined containment zones where they impose a maximum limit on AL licenses. This measure aims to protect the identity of the neighborhoods from gentrification and favor renting […]


Make your AL pet-friendly

It is always a concern for those who have pets where to leave them when going on vacation. The offer of accommodation that allows animals is limited, so this is an excellent opportunity to stand out and get more reservations. Find out how with our recommendations. 1. Cover a fee for pets […]

Get more ratings and positive comments

Obtaining positive reviews on your accommodation favors its positioning on booking sites like Booking and AirBnB and increases the probability of the customer wanting to return. 5 star scores are really about exceeding expectations. Here are some strategies: 1. A good presentation Include good quality photographs and sell experiences, incorporating photographs […]

Trends 2021 Guest accommodation

2021 Trends for Local Accommodation

This year 2020 was certainly a year completely different from any other. Many even claim that we are in a “new normal”. Thus, there is a need to rethink the trends that will come next year for Local Accommodation and to put any concerns in perspective. In this sense, it is essential to adopt the latest trends […]


Economical tips to warm up your AL this winter

When winter comes, it is already known that the electricity bill goes up. And it is not by chance! Heaters, air conditioners, electric fireplaces are turned on ... But there are some ways to heat the house without having to spend more electricity and at the same time being able to keep your Local Accommodation warm during the winter. Isolation Pay special attention […]